Wednesday, January 18, 2012

more crafting

Over Christmas break I had the opportunity to try another craft inspired by pinterest.

A few days after arriving in the US, I visited a couple craft stores, and ooooh, that is a nice thing about America.  I got fun supplies, was inspired by lots of creative things to buy, and started a project.  Julie Anna was happily hanging out with grandparents, and I got to delve into a creative project; everyone is happy!

I made my mother a birthday board, inspired by this.  It includes the names & dates for the birthdays and anniversaries of children & grandchildren.  Each name & date is written on a little circle that has a hook & eye so it can hang under the correct month.  On the back of the circle I put the year of the birthday or wedding.  And I made more circles so more additions to the family (already one coming in June!] can be added.

Home Depot sells little bottles of paint for $1 each - samples of colors.  I dug through the big dusty bin to find a fun assortment.  Best of all, they come with a little brush in them, like rubber cement.  I painted each circle, drilled little holes of the hook & eyes.  I used alphabet stickers for the lettering, and pretty ribbon to decorate the board.  Sharpie has a "paint pen" - this was new to me.  It was a perfect way for me to write in the names, since I don't have a very steady hand.  Plus, I included the pen in the gift so my mom can write in more dates.  

Here's the final product! 

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CP said...

nice. what i find particulary interesting is that the second half of the year spells "jason"