Friday, January 06, 2012


She has giggled, she has smiled, she has cooed. And we've enjoyed it, and even called it laughing for several months now.

But last night, for the first time, Julie Anna really laughed.  The kind you could write as "haha".  Her daddy was blowing raspberries in her face.  [We were reading together about what she might be able to do by now, being 3 months old, and what we might expect in the next month.  Making buzzing sounds is one of them.]

Her laugh was such a really laugh it made us laugh out load.  So contagious.  So delightful.

The first three months are super hard.  Some of the hardest of my life.  But they have been the most rewarding.

This morning, Julie seems pretty miserable.  We've all got colds, and she's had it too, but today seems worse somehow.  It feels that all she's done is whine, eat or sleep, and that is not like her!  But then suddenly she gives me a smile, and sucks contentedly on a few fingers and thumb.  And when she smiles, it makes my spit-up-y self who really wants a shower completely happy.

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