Thursday, January 19, 2012

salt dough ornaments

I got this idea here (yet another pinterest inspiration!  and you can find the recipe at that link) and I made them with my friend Eliza, who has a 1 year old, just before Christmas break.  Julie's footprint is so darn cute, and I thought her grandparents might like it.

We stamped feet and then cut around them with cookie cutters.  I used a toothpick to write in her name & year.

But after they left, I had so much dough left, so I did a google-image search for other ways to decorate salt dough ornaments, and I saw this.

Out came all the cookie cutters and my stamp collection.  This was so fast and easy: very rewarding.

After they baked in the oven, I sprayed both sides with a polyurethane, so they should last.

I topped them off with red ribbon so they can hang on the tree.

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