Friday, June 22, 2007


Last weekend I was in Florida for a wedding, and got to camp near St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.

Some pictures:
Making lunch at the Florida welcome center: I can't really explain this face. but it's making me laugh. so i guess i ought to share it.

road shenanigans:
driving ON the beach:
Laura, Courtney and me.
and this really was as scary as it looks: I drove Courtney's car onto a tiny ferry to get on A1A and we were first in line. Hence, I greatly feared driving right off that ferry.
I thought it was beautiful.
We proceeded on to St. Augustine.
at the beach
first glimpse of the sea!
making breakfast
(I ♥ camping.)
glamorous Courtney
(my next destination)

There are so many good pictures of my friends from the wedding, but it'd be too much to put them all up, so I'm going to upload them to facebook instead. Just one for keepsake- me and Betsy, because Betsy will be leaving soon.

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