Saturday, June 23, 2007

Georgia again

Back in Georgia for the week, I went to a conference held by the GA Comm. on the Holocaust and it was fabulous. I learned so much, and thought a lot, and feel way more prepared to teach about it. In addition, I got so many resources: books, movies, plus curriculum/lesson plans. And I learned more web addresses that will be helpful. wow

I don't really feel prepared to re-jest all I've learned yet, but the conference highlighted who was responsible and culpable. I learned lots of history, but I feel like even more I have good ideas for discussion and new strategies for getting students to engage in these discussions (and for that matter, any other discussion all year). I feel challenged to do a better job teaching the Holocaust and to get students to be better thinkers. That's always been a priority in words, but I'm not sure I've done a good job carrying it out. I've had my students engage in lots of discussions, but if students aren't apt to speak out or if their brains aren't motivated by this technique, I've skipped over them. Now I have more ideas to make them interact and work on difficult questions. oh boy

Today I pack up for Texas. oh boy oh boy

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