Sunday, September 03, 2006

june 21

On Tuesday we drove to Forth Worth about 1 hr. away. Fort Worth is something like the capital of cattle round-up, and it's got an "old town" and it's much more artsy than Dallas.

We saw the cattle roundup - cowboys driving them down a road, but there are only about 15 longhorns... so it's not that dramatic. They are cool animals though - big and they look smooth and their long horns really are neat. They move slowly and they are different colors, which surprised me.

We then went downtown to a history-of-cowboys-and-cattle-raising museum. Most interesting was the brandings and the story of rustlers and how they took cows and faked brands and such. It was a cool time. I never really though about how there still are ranchers and cowboys. I guess I just thought that time was over. One guy walked through the museum with spurs on - he was a real cowboy.

Wednesday we went to downtown Dallas, saw the corner where Kennedy was shot, and tried to ride up to the top of the funny-looking-needle building. Unfortunately, there was a private party up there, so we just took photos in front of the big pictures in the lobby...

As I was driving through Dallas today I realized that I almost missed Atlanta - the city, I mean. I realized that I've slowly developed an affection for the place I didn't realize I had, or even could. But Dallas seemed non-distinct and boring, and Atlanta at least is familiar, and I know some distinctive places -- where I'm going to live, at least.

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