Sunday, September 03, 2006

week in Texas

I spent the following week in Texas with my sister, her husband Milan, and their kids (my adorable neice and nephews) -

Elizabeth with Mark, Milan, Anna & Daniel

They live in a small apartment in a complex, and I slept in their living room on an air mattress, which Daniel and Anna used for hours of entertainment. I visited their church, went swimming in their pool, went to their ethnic grocery store, watched them at gymnasics, and just hung out. It seems that most of the time went by eating meals, cleaning up after meals, loading up kids in the car, unloading the kids from the car, listening to Wakko's state capitals song over and over...


carol said...

we have the cutest nephews and nieces don't we!

Anna said...

Thank you for being with us and doing what you want. I love you and we like you to come to us any time you can and wif you would like we would meet you when we're going to PRague and what we would do is we would play together but don't forget to bring your telephone. Your telepone is very cool. I can't believe that you get your message in one whole order. but thank you for being with us to our house. All done.