Sunday, September 03, 2006

June 23

Leaving Dallas, Texas, Friday; mileage 10,797

Elizabeth and I had to stop at the post office for postage stamps to make a CD to NJ and then for more supplies at Walmart.

Merging on the hwy we saw a truck get into a near accident. Startling because you realize how suddenly that can happen. The truck driver was really amazing how he managed to skid to a scary stop without hitting anyone else.

We also saw the petrified wood gas station in Decatur, and a "flock" (?) of camels!?

We jaunted up to Okalahoma and took pictures of welcome signs and ate lunch at a lone table. We saw the weirdest bird with a long tale that was split in two. Very cool. (later we decided it was a flycatcher)

This land is flat and you can see for miles. It is totally cOUntry - so much more than places out East because we are miles and miles from cities, and the towns are so small.

Driving through Texas at a the onset of our trip, a nut or rock hit the top of the windshield, and a crack formed just to the right of my dragonfly and spread across the center of the top.
First casualty of the trip.

I just managed to teach Elizabeth Stew to drive my stick shift. She did great for a first-timer - a little shaky at first, but only one stall! We are soaring through west Texas now. I love it.

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