Monday, June 12, 2006

in a waterfall

I have to write this because I don't want to forget it. On Saturday we went on a really great hike and I had so much fun. We hiked in to Panther Creek Falls which is just south of Tallulah Falls up 85. Apparently the trail is quite long, and you can camp along it, but we just hiked in about 3 miles to a sweet waterfall and swimming hole, and I had so much fun climbing around - scampering I should like to say - around the waterfall. For some reason I got a strange amount of bravery, and I just went all over it. It was the perfect kind of waterfall that is big enough to be fun, but not so big that it is really dangerous to climb. We spent a few hours climbing rocks, swimming in the pool, getting pounded by the waterfall and then drying on a rock before we hiked back. It was a nice day, and I would do that hike again.

so I don't want to forget it.

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