Monday, June 12, 2006

hem's secret

craziness - Angie just called to tell me she heard Hem being played on a Liberty Mutual commercial. It's "Half Acre" from Rabbit Songs.

This blog tells the story -

At first I wasn't quite sure about how I felt about this - them going mainstream/commercial. But I'm also really excited for them because they Are great, and I'm glad that others see that and that the band will get pubilcity which is good for them.

and they never breathed a word about it when I saw them in concert a week ago, which, by the way, was awesome.

It's actually not 'by the way'. It was an excellent concert. Hem was fabulous. Their sound is so full and rich. I like the description that was on the above link: "Kind of lullaby meets folk meets chamber quartet meets Ken Burns." Sally's voice still blows me away. Like Briana said, if I had a voice like that I'd never stop singing. After Hem played I heard Over the Rhine, and they were really great too. I only know a few OTR songs but they opened with one I knew and loved. The rest of it was different, but she has an amazing voice. Wow. They were funny too. Funny like a really dry sense of humor really low key and subtle that you weren't sure they were trying to be funny, and it made me laugh so hard.

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