Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Leg 1 - Leave from Stonecliff on Friday with Laura Rod. Drive to Jackson, Mississippi and stay with her parents that night. On Saturday continue on through Louisiana to Dallas to the Polaks'. Laura will fly back to the Atl Saturday night, and I'll stay in Texas with my sister through the week.

Leg 2 - EStew will fly out to Dallas and we'll drive west, hoping up to hit Oklahoma, and on to Albuquerque, New Mexico (and play the alphabet game getting lots of q's...) and then go up to a place near the 4 corners. A friend of mine has parents there who will let us stay with them on Saturday night. After standing in 4 states at once, we'll take a scenic drive through the SW corner of Colorado. We'll come out of Colorado at Arches National Park. We'll spend the week seeing sites in Utah: Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion.

Leg 3 - Pick up Angie at the Las Vegas airport and then head out back to Arizona to spend the 4th of July weekend at the Grand Canyon where we may actually meet up with Jimmy. Angie and I will drop Elizabeth at the Flagstaff airport and then head out on a 10 hour trek to Sequoia NP where we have reservations on the night of July 4th. The next morning we'll walk through the Sequoias and then drive up to Yosemite. I have a cousin at Yosemite so hopefully we'll meet up with her. Then we'll roll into San Francisco so Angie has a day in the city before flying home.

Leg 4 - Brent, Jeremy and I will down the California coast to Pfeiffer Big Sur Sunday through Tuesday. We'll drive back north to San Francisco for Jeremy to catch a flight back to Atl.

Leg 5- Brent and I will continue up the coast to Seattle, stopping at Point Reyes, Redwoods, and Portland.

Leg 6 - On July 15th Courtney flies into SeaTac, and so begins the final leg. The plan is to take the Port Angeles ferry up to Vancouver Island on Sunday. We'll spend a few days in Duncan, British Columbia. Then Courtney and I will head back down to Washington and spend my birthday at Mt. Rainier. Then we'll start east on I90 first to Yellowstone, passing through Idaho and Montana, and stopping for a night in the Bitterroot Mtns (where Sacajawea is from!). Then on to the Grand Tetons. We'll drive across Wyoming to Devil's Tower just outside of South Dakota. The next day we'll continue on to the Black Hills, seeing Rushmore, Wind Cave, etc. We'll drive through the Badlands and then on through Nebraska, because I'm told that the Sandhills are pretty crazy looking. Then I'm not sure if we'll continue on I90 (through Wisconsin) or go down a bit and pick up I80 through Iowa. We're headed for Wheaton, Illinois. We'll finish up the last 720 miles to Atlanta on August 1st or 2nd after breaking in Chicago. And we'll arrive at our new home on Euclid Avenue.

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