Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm reading my first Agatha Christie right now.
It took me a while to get into it, keep all the characters straight and get past the French expressions, but I'm caught up in it now.

And (I hestiate to say,) I'm reading my first Dickens novel.

My students were duly shocked that I am an English teacher and haven't read him. I have tried. But never successfully.

I'm taking my eighth graders to see a production of A Christmas Carol at the end of November, and so I'm reading it aloud to them now.

Lots of good vocabulary words.

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ang said...

Kate! Ahh, Agatha Christie and Dickens, how sad you've waited so long! Agatha Christie was my middle school favorite pasttime, I think I read everything of her's by the end of the year. And Dickens was one of my senior of high school pasttimes. Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, they're great social commentaries! And maybe Agatha isn't, but well, she was a great read in middle school.:)