Thursday, October 27, 2005

Part 2

When I was a junior, and taking several classes from Dr. Haddad, and things were really busy, Dr. Haddad said something that stayed with me (among, I'm sure, many things). She would always begin classes so calm and pleasant--never rushed--even though I'm sure she was busy too. She would look around the room (usually in a circle), look into each of our faces, and say, in her British accent, "How are you?" like she really meant it and really cared - like you don't usually hear it said.

One day she looked at us and said, "Aren't you glad you don't work in a chicken factory?" And I just looked at her in astonishment! Yes! Just think about the mindlessness of the work, the dullness, the noise, the smell. And we get to be stimulated by thought, interact with people, grow and change.

(so, no, I don't really contemplate working in a chicken factory, but some 9-5 secretarial job sounds really good all too often)

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