Monday, January 07, 2013

homemade maple syrpup

Since maple syrup is an import item, it's especially expensive here.  Pancakes are a staple in our house, and Garrett needs syrup to eat them, so I decided to make our own so we could have them more often, and enjoy syrup more liberally.  It's really quite easy and fast (can do it while making a batch of pancakes if we realize we're out).

Homemade Maple Syrup

Combine in a pot (large enough to leave room for the syrup to grow and not overflow as it heats)
     1 cup sugar
     1 cup brown sugar
     1 cup water

Heat it until boiling. I let it boil about a minute, so the syrup gets thicker.  Take care as it heats that it doesn't boil over and make a dreadful mess on your stove.  It happens suddenly!

After removing from the heat, add 
     1/2 teaspoon maple flavoring

This makes a little more than 12.8 fluid ounces.  In other words, it doesn't quite fit into this container, but if I make it on pancake morning, we manage to finish up whatever doesn't fit.  

I wrote the recipe on a re-used *real maple syprup* jar so I don't have to consult the cookbook every time I make it. Since I use a scale, I wrote the measurements in grams.  
200g = 1 cup of sugar
200g sugar + 26g molasses = roughly 1 cup of brown sugar. 
I added it all together to make just 3 ingredients that need to get dumped into the pot.  Very fast!

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