Friday, September 28, 2012

in which I begin to reveal my cleaning and beauty secrets

This year I've been inspired to make my own natural recipes for cleaning and personal care, and I'd love to share what's working for me.  (along with everyone else in the blogging world.)

There are so many ideas out on blogs right now - diy, natural, at home, etc.  It can be a little overwhelming.  I've made changes slowly, as I've found key ingredients and studied different recipes.  In order for me to make a change, the new solution has to be some combination of: greener, cheaper, healthier, safer, and at least moderately easy.  And also, do-able in the CZ.

so far I've made changes in...

  • fabric softener
  • hair wash
  • hair conditioner
  • bathroom cleaner 
  • general cleaning 
  • laundry soap
  • shining agent in dishwasher 
  • face lotion
  • face wash
  • deoderant 
  • basically using vinegar, baking soda and oils in a whole heap of places 

I think the first change I made was in making my own fabric softener.  This started over a year ago I think, and I used vinegar, water, and conditioner.  It worked fine, but when I started washing Julie's baby clothes in just vinegar, because I didn't want any scent or chemicals in her load, I realized that the vinegar worked great as a fabric softener and the rest was just a hastle.

Now I just dump about a quarter cup of vinegar into the rinse-bin for every load.  At 7kc for 1.5L, this is a way cheaper solution.  There is no vinegar smell on the clean laundry.  Besides softening, vinegar deoderizes and sanitizes.  Wahoo.

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