Tuesday, September 20, 2011

baby coming

This past weekend marked week 38, and ladies at my school threw a shower for me. It was a ton of fun.
(might this be the last photo of its kind? i only wish. we've observed this Saturday morning ritual every other week since week 12)

Sheila asked me questions she had asked Garrett to see if we could come up with the same answers about his childhood and babies.

I got to open up a bunch of adorable, precious, tiny baby clothes and hats and toys. We played a "shower game" where if you say cute you lose a clothes pin. I did pretty well until I opened up the presents....

It was fun to show it all over again at home to Garrett. Then I gathered all the baby clothes we have so far and did my first load of baby laundry. They were just irresistibly cute, hanging on the drying rack.
Kate and Miriam gave us a blue dress with these leggings...they kill me.
Check out the size differential here: Her Daddy's sweatpants; her pants!

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