Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of those days

This morning we whizzed through the sixth grade math lesson, and we ended with 10 minutes for them to do their homework.  They had all finished at 11:10 when it was time for class to be over.... We waited 15 minutes for the next teacher to come, at which point I realized that math class was supposed to end at 11:25, and the next teacher wasn't, in fact, late. 

In my justification, this is our second day of a new schedule with the spring semester. 

Then I proceeded to plan for 7th grade math using the 6th grade textbook.  I read the lesson, wrote out the objectives, my plan, and picked homework problems.  Math class starts and I begin teaching...until one student says to me, "We don't know where you are." 

In my justification, the 6th and 7th grade math texts look exactly alike, except for a color difference, and we know Kate has trouble remembering by color.  In addition, both grades are doing lesson 6-9 next, AND lesson 6-9 in BOTH texts is titled "solving problems with equations"!

I think my brain is foggy with a bit of a cold.  I'm anxiously waiting what will happen in 8th grade math. 

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Carol said...

laughing at your expense. thanks for posting this.