Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mark comments

Last week, when we came into their house after sledding:
"Would you like something to drink?" Mark asks.
"Oh, yes, thank you. I'd like water," say I.
Mark replies kindly, "The faucet is right there."

After lunch, Elizabeth was taking Daniel and Anna to a friend's house and I started cleaning up the dishes. Mark helped. He picked out 4 pieces of tupperware and spent about 10 minutes lining them up on the kitchen floor and finding their matching lids. Then he brought in the pot of pasta, and sitting on the floor with the pot about 1 foot from the row of tupperware, he scooped the leftovers into the containers. By the time I turned around and saw what he was doing, he had 10 pieces of pasta on the floor. I suggested we'd have to throw the spills away, but he assured me the floor was clean, and ate them with his fingers.

Today at our apartment when Garrett was playing with Photobooth on his new mac:
"You laugh like a čarodějnice!" ...which means witch!

oh, to remember all the funny things he says. I know there were half a dozen more, but this is all I've got now.

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