Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our apartment

It's been a lazy Saturday afternoon. It's sunny, and the warm spring air is coming in our windows. We're resting here at home, after a full, fun week of traveling and sightseeing with Courtney. Now she's almost home, and we've tidied up the place, and I've taken some pictures to show you what it's like.

Our windows face the park to the west of us, and the afternoon sun is starting to creep in.

Here's the full view of our living room/dining room, standing in the doorway to our kitchen.

This is the other side of the living room, with the doorway into our bedroom.

Our clothes are drying in the bedroom window.

From our bedroom into the kitchen. The door leads out of our apartment. The bathroom and water closet are on the right side of that wall.


CP said...

i particularly like the 3# bag of gummy bears. and having seen it in person. :)

angie, grateful receiver of wooden monkey said...

i also like seeing the favorite pair of brown kate shoes.

Jo said...

"Water closet" oh so proper. Cute place by the way.

Jim and Julianna said...

What a beautiful apartment! Wow what a great start to married life. And thanks for all the fun wedding photos - so glad to be able to share in it with you.