Sunday, April 19, 2009

our wedding, part 1: days before

On Thursday, February 26 we visited the Bluewater Farm where our rehearsal dinner and reception would be. Courtney and I went down to the nearby town for my haircut, and then we drove down to visit the lodge. Garrett and Craig met up with us, and Craig took some photos of us.

Thursday night we celebrated Courtney's birthday, and had a fun dinner at the Park*r's, my family having just driven up from NJ. (I wish I had photos.) Carol arrived late from the airport that night, and on Friday morning she, Garrett and I drove down for breakfast to where the rest of the fam stayed.

(he's kinda goofy...)

We spent Friday afternoon decorating the lodge with twinkle lights.

Earlier that week back in NJ, Garrett crawled into the Target-bag that wrapped our new Kitchen Aide. It strickingly reminded me of another picture I had of myself; shocked at how suited we were for each other, I had to photograph the moment.
Mine is from several years ago, on Euclid Avenue: I bought a new sleeping bag...

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Briana said...

not to mention the time you went head first into the sleeping bag and then proceeded to be led around, we won't mention that. i'm glad to see he's a silly-head. they're the best kind. ;)

thanks for the pics...finally! :)