Tuesday, December 16, 2008

tagged: 8 things

fun times, Courtney...

8 Books I like to reread: (edited from TV shows, because even when living in the states, I couldn't answer)
1. Jane Eyre
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. To Kill a Mockingbird
4. Walk Two Moons
5. The Little Prince
6. The Hiding Place
7. The Adventures of Huck Finn
8. Make Way for Ducklings

8 Favorite Foods: (since I can maybe think of 8 restaurants I've been to in Prague)
1. chocolate
2. bread (especially that braided kind)
3. pasta
4. black olives
5. pesto
6. box brownies
7. pancakes
8. hot dogs

8 Things that Happened Today:
1. had to sub for a Bible class
2. sent a student to the principal
3. organized the NF 500s books
4. looked for train tickets to Trnava, SK for this weekend
5. read Courtney's blog
6. delivered Christmas cookies to coworkers
7. babysat my nephews
8. watched a 50kc ($2.2) movie in the theatre
(ok,I haven't done #7-8 yet, but I plan to...)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. getting married
2. presents on Christmas day
3. seeing Courtney in Prague for Spring Break
4. visiting with family coming to town for Christmas
5. the end of the week (& Christmas break!)
6. no more tears and frustration in heaven
7. visiting Banff NP
8. tea time

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. a wedding dress
2. tall black boots
3. burts bees chapstick
4. a USB stick
5. music
6. Nabob tea
7. perfect eyesight
8. the gift of playing the piano

8 People I'm tagging: no pressure
1. Carol
2. Jim & Jul
3. Katie
4. Hannah
5. Ruth
6. Jonathan
7. Laura
8. you


Nathan said...

OOhh, Banff NP, are you going sometime soon? I went in high school and loved it, it is definitely beautiful up there! Hope all is well, have a wonderful Christmas break!

Robyn said...

Is that where you're going on your honeymoon?!

kate said...

=) no. no plans for going to Banff. not yet. But I'm still looking forward to it!

Courtney said...

I have so many comments...
#1 So glad The Little Prince made the list!!
#2 Changing it to books was a GREAT idea!
#3 it's Challah bread- Trader Joes didn't have it for a few months this summer and I was SO sad.
#4 Maybe you should have included that wish list on that earlier post of things that would be fun to have arrive in packages...

And, lastly, I too am looking forward to #3!!!!!!!!

angie said...

i love that make way for ducklings is on your list. i have that book! and the hiding place, i've read it 600 times.

Jim and Julianna said...

hi Kate, just read this fun entry!! But wait, what do you mean by "tag"? Help I'm not very savvy.