Wednesday, December 10, 2008


On November 30, Garrett asked me to marry him!

It was his birthday, and we went up to Vyšehrad to spend the day. It's a beautiful old fortress from a millenium ago, up on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. It's a lovely park: my favorite spot in Prague.

My roommates, Leah and Sheila, were hiding out with cameras, and they caught these wonderful photos. The fact is, I had seen Leah. The timing did not work out just how Garrett was hoping, and we were hanging out on that wall for a while, and I suggested I was cold and we could go walk around. Garrett obliged, but insisted we return to the spot to catch the sunset. And on our way back I suddenly recognized my roommate. I was a bit startled, but Garrett acted like it was nothing and kept walking, so I just followed him. As soon as we reach the overlook, he proposed.

And I accepted. Afterwards, Garrett signaled for Leah and Sheila to come take photos, and this is me turning around, seeing them there. The surprised look on my face cracks me up: I was dazed, taking everything in; startled and excited to see Leah and Sheila, and only then realizing that they were there to take pictures for us.

So they took some happy photos, and then left us with my camera.

Later we went up to Charles Bridge. Here we are, smiling a lot, with the bridge in the background.

Here we are on the bridge, still getting used to the sound of the word engaged.

Then we went to Cafe Slavia, a famous cafe where artists and intellectuals were known to hang out over the years. A pianist plays on the grand piano, and sometimes you can manage to get a seat by the window to see the river.

We stopped in at my sister's apartment for to share the news with her family. Then we headed back to my flat, where I had a little birthday dessert planned for Garrett. And we celebrated our engagement too.


Nathan said...

What a fun story of your engagement and great pictures too! The ring is beautiful! Congratulations again, I hope you all have a blast during your engagement, it is a fun time!

Courtney said...

finally. ;)

Briana said...

i've been waiting for this post.

DeeDee said...

Congratulations Kate....I am so very happy for you.