Tuesday, February 05, 2008

wif you would like to read this

i would like to draw your attention to the precious language of my dear niece in a comment from Sept. 06 which I recently came across (as i was laboriously fixing the internal links in my old posts...they all still had the old url. i had no idea it would be so much trouble. but tis done now, and done for the best.)

Anna said...

Thank you for being with us and doing what you want. I love you and we like you to come to us any time you can and wif you would like we would meet you when we're going to Prague and what we would do is we would play together but don't forget to bring your telephone. Your telepone is very cool. I can't believe that you get your message in one whole order. but thank you for being with us to our house. All done.

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Elizabeth and Milan said...

I think her "wif" is adorable, so I've never tried to correct it. I mostly don't try to correct their speech. How can you stop the cuteness of: "Here comes me!" (Mark on his car) or "Is it the mommy? (Mark looking for me) But sometimes I have doubts. After all they need to speak English well, and there aren't that many sources besides me here.