Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hollis woods

I read a new book last week:

It's a a Newbery Honor by Patricia Reilly Giff.
It was good stuff. I thought it was going to be another Walk Two Moons, but it doesn't end up like that. Not sure if I could have handled it if it did.

The author chose an interesting technique: she interspersed the growing plot with "pictures" drawn by the main character, told in her words. They give insights into Hollis's history so the reader can slowly piece together her story and make predictions about how it's going to end up.

I think it might be a nice book to teach for that reason: I was just discussing ways to teach writing by emulating authors. And for sure it could lead to some good discussion on family and loving.

But either way, it was a nice read now that I'm all done with it. In the process of reading, though, I was in angst most of the time...I'm not sure how much I enjoy this tactic of many adolescent writers: give small, sometimes misleading, pieces of the puzzle, keeping me in anguish over what has happened. My brain is teeming with what might have happened, what must have happened, what I hope has happened, and then it's not till the end of the book when the history and conclusion come together.

i absolutely loved this in Walk Two Moons, but I just couldn't handle the anguish this time 'round. and yet when i was done with it, i went and recommended it. so maybe it's worth it. read it.

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