Thursday, February 28, 2008


i'm excited about reading this book:

I heard about it on All Things Considered in January when they were discussing the American Library Association's awardwinning books for 2007. Here's another NPR clip that goes into more detail about the story.

I let you know how I like it in the end, but I'm excited about it because it looks so interesting. It's a three-inch-thick novel, but over two-thirds of the pages are drawings - so it really is a Caldecott book. The novel moves from words to pictures and back to words again. The plot is carried on by series of pictures; it's almost like a film.


angie said...

that sounds....i don't know the word, magical sound too cheesy, intriguing isn't quite right either. anyway, i need to check it out at my next b & n trip!

Briana and Trevor said...

what age group is this geared towards?

kate said...

it's written for adolescents.