Friday, January 04, 2008

summer of 2007

I have a hard time deciding if I'm a particular person, that is, if I have tendencies toward perfectionism and if I'm prone to be picky. I certainly am about some things, I know. But it's not generally how I would describe myself. Anyway, one of the things I can be particular about is chronology and good linking systems in my blogging. I don't know why, but it just makes me happy.

so, i shall explain: in order to follow the chronology of the summer posts since i'm not necessarily posting them in succession, i have links at the bottom of each post to the next chapter. and the title of each post links you back to the previous one.

you can start here in North Carolina at the end of May.
or you can jump to Texas
or New England. but i'm not done yet.

they make a lovely chain.

hmmm...let's list things Kate is particular in:
- tea
- punctuation
(but not always following grammar rules)
- precision in making things, ie: wooden game boards
(but I'm generally not precise in measuring flour, or cutting fabric...i like to think I'm precise when it matters. =)
- budgets and spreadsheets
(but not time management)
- packing
(but not keeping my room clean)

I can't think of anything else. thoughts?

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Courtney said...

Yes, I have thoughts. I think you're funny.