Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fraulein Kate

This is my favorite day of teaching all year. Hands down.

The students turned in our best project. They did some preliminary research on the basics of the first world war warfare. Then they had to hide their research in a disguise. (They were German spies and they had to turn it in to me, their platoon leader.) Their disguises were so creative. Several of them hid it in baked goods...brownies, a cake, cupcakes. A few hid the reserach in mechanical pencils. One student cut open a bunch of tea bags and put little messages in each one and then stapled them again. One student made a lunch pail with a trap bottom. It was like I was getting presents all day long. I got a chocolate bar. There was a 'deck of cards' and even a pack of cigarettes. They were so creative!

On top of this I'm teaching a unit World War I which is probably my favorite thing to teach. And we're reading All Quiet and, on the 4th reading, I don't feel that it's as bad as I remember it being. (Not that I ever thought it's a bad book; I agree it's an excellent book, but I just don't like reading it because it's so difficult, so depressing. But it is good, and we've been having good discussions.)

And, we are studying the Impressionists for the next few days which is fun, and we're about to start my second favorite project which I will definitely describe in a future post.

Also, if you haven't listened to the Weepies song (in the side bar) then you Gotta. It's addictive.

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