Sunday, September 03, 2006

June 26th

Monday was a spectacular day with a HUGE range of sights. We started N on 550 driving through Durango, Silverton & Ouray. Silverton was my favorite – a town with only one paved street, and I bought some souvenirs – the key rack hanging by our door now, for one. Elizabeth and I also saw and bought some crazy jerky – elk, moose, deer, buffalo….road kill?

Ouray was a bit more pretentious of a town I thought, but the scenery was beautiful. Just a little snow left on the peaks. We took a short hike just one mile south of Ouray to see the falls, and it’s a good thing it was short. It was steep, the dry dirt was loose and slide-y and we were winded easily from the elevation – probably 9 or 10 thousand ft.

It was a gorgeous drive the whole way, though much of it was treacherous. You have to leave yourself enough time to rest at overlooks and such.

The most exciting part of the day by far was the Colorado National Monument by Grand Junction. I know it was Providence that led us there, and it was awesome. In fact, I could think and name so many ways God has watched over us, provided and showed us his power. First, the beauty of the Canyon. We drove right through it, a “short cut” from 55 to 70W that of course takes a lot longer, but is worth every minute.

It is a sweeping HUGE canyon – if the Grand Canyon is more amazing, I will probably faint. There are some cool rock formations – geological wonders, one of which was a balanced rock and one a fallen rock.

Amazing! We saw it at its most glorious time too – aglow in the sunset. Then I raced the sun West, and raced to the end of my gas tank again, but we were so rewarded by scenery and excited at its unexpected beauty we didn’t mind the lateness and hunger. It’s amazing how God is just directing our paths to the most wonderful spots at the perfect time and I couldn’t ever have read and planned enough to do that.

We got gas in Moab and then went back up the road, taking a good while to find a campsite. We found one finally, along the Colorado River, and hurriedly unpacked and set up dinner. I seemingly miraculously cooked us two delicious hot dogs each while Elizabeth set up a tent. It took a moment to realize that, once my hunger was satisfied, there was no need to hurry. We relaxed in our camp chairs – green and pink – and gazed at the stars. It was the most magnificent sight in the sky I had ever seen. (I feel like I’m speaking in superlatives all the time, but there is no other way to say it. I won’t try.) Elizabeth brought a star chart, and she knew a bit herself, so I learned how to find many new constellations. I slept under the stars – magnificent stars, and the incredible spray of the Milky Way.

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