Sunday, September 03, 2006


Tuesday am - Sitting by the Colorado River, flowing at its highest in the spring.
Let’s see if I can recollect the past few days.

On Sunday morning we decided to do a loop around Southern Colorado and come back to New Mexico to stay with the Coles. They seemed so sad to have us leave so soon, and I’m so glad we stayed.

We drove up to Chimney Rock and I was expecteding a barron weird peak in my imagination – one that pioneers had signed. It didn’t quite look like that and anyway we arrived at the wrong time for a tour which would have taken longer than I expected. So, we left and drove back west through Durango again and to Mesa Verde.
We stopped for a nice lunch – PBJ of course – at a creek and ate in the sun. (Note typical lunch preparations in photo.)

We took a short stroll through some paths and then forded up the creek.

Mesa Verde was cool. It is a mountain/mesa with pueblos on top. Much of my recollection of climbing the mtn peak was that I was almost out of gas and there was, of course, no gas within 30 miles.

Anyway, it was an incredible view up there, and the Lord blessed us with INCREDIBLE gas mileage! (When I filled up, I calculated 37mi/gal that tank!) We took a tour of a little group of rooms with long ladders to climb. The people must have been small. It’s hard to believe that they could survive those conditions – little water; source of food/clothes minimal. But they must have been good at it because they did it for centuries.

It was an incredible view up there, and on the way down we attempted to sail the kite Elizabeth brought. We were marginally successful.

From there we went to the 4 corners and paid $3 to stand in 4 states at once – it felt like a rip off, but there we were, and I always wanted to do that. We also spent $3 on fry bread. yum.

Then we returned to the Coles and the land of New Mexico – back into dry, flat, mesas – to tell them about it.

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