Monday, January 30, 2006

world war i

For your perusing pleasure, I would like to direct you to this site: You will learn so much about WWI and there are so many pictures - you could spend an hour looking a photos, drawings and postcards alone, not to mention the text. Elizabeth Stewart found it and showed it to me, and we'll be looking at it this week.

Actually you could probably spend 10 hours looking at this site, so let me show you something cool - go to the artists and find Hansi. Hansi has some artwork in the menu from Cafe Alsace in downtown Decatur. He drew cartoons from that period depicting the contrast between German occupation preWWI and when the Germans left it. It's kind of comical: I'm also really hooked on all the postcards that they have too. So amazing.

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Amber said...

I viewed the link for your World War i site. I must admit I did not have hours and hours to spend admiring all of it's glory, for I have used all my time looking at blogs. I love yours!
Don't worry about being sporadic with the posting. It will just be that much more delightful when you do. :)