Monday, January 30, 2006


On my way to church this morning I pulled up to the intersection just by church. I noticed from the various university stickers that the car in front of me was my neighbors/student/fellow church members. Behind me I knew was Courtney: I had passed her at the intersection of Clairmont. Then the Terrells' pulled up in their van next to me! (I'm still confused about which one, but either twin brother is an elder and a dad of middle schoolers.) I was just struck by how much I love feeling the community and closeness of knowing people.

This afternoon I went to lunch late because I had a little meeting. People in the singles' fellowship usually arrange to eat together somewhere: this week it was Felinni's pizza which is just a mile from my house. When I pulled up into the very crowded parking lot, I saw a Mr. Terrell pulling around. Inside was full of Intowners! It turns out that the "singles", "got kids" and "got teens" fellowships ALL decided to have lunch at Fellini's on the same day! We flooded the place, and my students were there, and parents were smiling at me, and my friends were there, and I just loved it.

I think this is one of my favorite things about my life here. I love how I bump into people from school and church in my neighborhood, and feel a sense of community. I seriously see the Terrells everywhere: I run into them at restaurants, I run into them in Chattanooga when they are visiting their son at Covenant, I can't remember where else. I remember seeing Paster Sherman at the grocery store once, before I really knew him. This afternoon I took a walk around my neighborhood, and a dad and some kids were playing football, and sure enough - one of them was my sixth grade math student!

I know you all are waiting with bated breath for this news: I have figured out how to successfully make a loaf of bread with extra ingredients. It turns out that there is a beep after most of the kneeding is done. Then the machine sits for five minutes to give me time to run to the kitchen, measure out the chocolate chips and pour them in before it mixes the dough up one last time. This bread is for my students tomorrow morning. I, foreign minister of Belgium, have called delegates from European powers for a peace conference to come to avert the great war. I decided some refreshments would be in order.

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