Monday, October 24, 2005

congratulations to david and jodi!

(who made it onto my math test)

When Jodi woke up one cold January day, the temperature was -5°F. By 2:00 in the afternoon, the sun had warmed up the earth to 24°F. What is the range in temperature for that day? (Show your work.)

David begins to hike down the mountain. He descends 300 meters and then stops for a rest. Then he realizes he dropped his water bottle. He climbs up 45 meters and finds it. How many meters is he from the top of the mountain?

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Reality-based math problems:
At 8:15, David sets out alone from Glen Alps parking lot (elev. 1300 ft or 396 m) one fine morning on a fourteen mile round trip hike for Mt. Williwaw's peak (elev. 5,445 feet.) He bikes the first mile, drops his bike, and walks five more miles. His camelback water tube freezes up. He sees two dozen moose and seven Dall sheep. He scrambles up along side a snow field on football-sized rock scree. He decides that climbing snow-dusted rocks is foolhardy and turns around. He walks to his bike and bikes back to the parking lot arriving at 4 pm.


(1) How many miles did David travel by bike, on foot, and combined.

(2) Assuming a constant slope from the parking lot to the top of the peak, at what elevation did David turn around?

(3) Was the maximum temperature in the shade that day?

(4) How fast did David travel on average?

(5) Assuming a constant slope from the parking lot to the top of the peak, what was David's average rate of ascent?

(6) How tall is Mount Williwaw in meters?

(7) How far from the summit of Mount Williwaw was David when he turned around?

(8) How many quadripeds did David see? What is there average distribution per mile for each mile David actually covered?

(9) Extra-Credit: Having obtained the latitude of Anchorage from another source, calculate the approximate minimum height of the east to west ridge to David's right as he walked up the valley toward Mount Williwaw, assuming a date of October 15, 2005 and that he was in the shadow of the ridge the entire time.