Thursday, September 08, 2005

farmers' market reason #1-2

Reason No. 1 the farmers' market in atlanta is excellent:

Its wide variety.

Today I bought ham from Prague...called Patak Prague Ham. I also could have bought Patak Gypsy Ham.

There is an excellent selection of salami that reminds me of Milan. Perhaps when Elizabeth comes to Atl for Stephanie's wedding we will have to make a trip there.

Reason No. 2
People are friendly there.
Today a man standing next to me as I was gauking at the salami and waiting for help said, "I see you looking at that salami - you've got to be careful. That stuff is terrible for you."

I just sort of smiled and said that it was so good, but then I wished I had said something like, "What? are you saying that I'm fat?"

1 comment:

stano said...

oh, you so should have, kate!! :) that would have been too funny.. :)
"..u callin me fat?" was one of the best jokes of summer 2003..