Thursday, September 01, 2005

new building

Last Sunday after church there was a building ceremony - the ribbon was cut and we all ran through like crazy. I was very excited to see my finished classroom, and it was fun to be there seeing it with my friends.

We won't be moving in there until Next weekend - because labor day weekend isn't such a good day to move. But some things are already getting moved over. Sunday School classes will begin the new building starting this Sunday - and Singles is moving over there. And our old tiny-tiny resource room will become a Sunday school room - so it is being moved. Empty, it suddenly looks big. So, things are beginning to move over there. At about 6 this evening, I went down to do my final bout of copying for the day, and I needed some cardstock. This had all been moved over the the new resource room (which is just down the hall from my new classroom!) and it was SO weird getting to walk straight from the old part of the building to the new. Everything is so much closer than it I had imagined it to be.

I saw Pam, our principal, carrying things over, and Jennifer, the admin.assistant was still in her office. She told me they are planning on moving the offices to the new room tomorrow! After making my copies, I decided to walk through the empty new building around to my new classroom, so I did a full loop, passing by my new room, going up a new stairwell, passing by the new Singles room, and into the hallway that leads to my old classroom. It was such a weird feeling walking into the hallway from the other direction - like walking through a mirror. I suppose the novelty of it will wear off, but it sure is fun right now.


stano said...

cool! exciting to hear about new stuff! ;)) keep it up, kate! :)
love ya

Anonymous said...

ahoj kate, i just wanted to say Ahoj!now I see why teaching is so exciting for you. I teach English now and I love it.have a wonderful school day!miss ya and love ya!!!!