Saturday, September 17, 2005


Well, I haven't been blogging lately, and besides being busy with school, it is mainly because I have found a new hobby!
This bike has begun to take up lots of my free time. Which I'm happy about. I've been riding a couple evenings a week when I come home from school, exploring my neighborhood. And today I took the first big trip up to Mercer University. Several of my students on Intown's xcountry team were running in a 5k and I got to see them and cheer them on. I it and the distance by car on main roads to the race was 6mi. So, I found a way to take mainly back roads, and I imagine I probably road about 15 mi this morning. It was a beautiful morning, and I had fun. I am also very glad to have made it home. My neighborhood is pretty hill-y.

Well, I promised a friend I'd help him move today, so I don't have time for more, but I do have lots in store that I mean to write.

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Anonymous said...

Love you Kate!! Enjoy your bike!!