Saturday, August 27, 2005


So, a new chapter of my life has begun this year. I was asked to be part of the 'singles servant team', which is a group of several people in my church fellowship who organize, direct, lead, serve us. Our goal is to help make the people who gather for sunday school into a body of believers who develop relationships, grow closer to God together, and serve together. My specific role is in the socials area.

This morning the new team for the year had its first meeting. We met at the home of the Seatons, as Scott is our head. Chris and Scott are both really wonderful about wanting to get themselves connected in the lives of singles at church, and one way they are doing this is to open their home for the servant team to meet.

Being the sort of person that likes to talk about direction and philosophy, and argue with the status quo, it is really exciting for me to be on this team. We are getting to talk about the way things run, the ideas behind what we do, and we're shaking things up a bit.

I'm really excited about the new ideas that we talked out this morning. One neat thing is our desire to steer the fellowship toward fostering deeper conversations so that we challenge one another in the faith. We also talked about how we want to see each of our jobs on the servant team as connected -- so that we don't segregate service events from social events, but realize that through any event, we have opportunities to serve, to draw in others, to make friends, to challenging and be challenged.

So I'm working with Courtney and Brian to plan social events for the year, and we make a fun little committee. Courtney, a dear friend, is a high school English teacher who says that if she wasn't a teacher she would like to be a party planner. So, her detail and organization skills will come in handy.

This is a really neat opportunity for me to serve and to take ownership of the community I have at church. It's also neat that I get to know this group of 11 people better.


jessrings said...

Kate, I'm so excited for you. I talked with Amy Mo today and she said you all were doing some different stuff. I can't wait to hear about it. I'm glad each year for the fresh blood and new flowin' ideas. I know you'll do awesome.

stano said...

hey kate! ;)
glad to hear some real cool stuff! ;) i hope everything goes well with this SST and yes, we wanna hear more! ;)
i am sorry i never replied to your email about the computer language and blog settings but you see, you figured it all out!! ;) with any questions tho you're more than welcome to talk to me.. :)
not much new stuff over here.. heidi's having a goodbye party right now so i better go there, right?

Anonymous said...

This is the very first time I have posted a comment on line and I'm doing it on Kathy's blog.

What are HTML tags? My initials are EKRM. Who am I?

kate said...

html tags are things that make your text bold or italics or I don't know what 'a' will do and you can do lots others - like make it bigger, or different colors. You just have to use the little arrow keys above the period and comma, and you have to know the right letter (easy - b is for bold...) and then after you want the bold to end, you have to type the same keys and add a backslash / and it will stop. So, what I'm typing now has all these funny symbols in it, but it will just look normal when published. Cool, huh? I learned how to do this when I was selling stuff on ebay because I added such things to the listings. So it was useful, even if I didn't sell much...