Thursday, August 25, 2005

my grocery store

The farmers' market* is really and truly one of my favorite places in Atlanta. I took a friend there tonight. She's been living in atl for several years, but has never been there. She agrees -- it is a great place.

more on that to come.

* any suggestions, recommendations, requests on what to do with that apostrophe?? It is possessive, is it not? Their slogan has nothing. I know a sister of mine will have something to say.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Sorry for not leaving much comments on your blog. I had a pretty busy week, so I basically didn't read anyone's blogs. Anyways, I'm thinking of you often; hope you're doing great. I'm doing pretty well though there are still many things to get done for the wedding. I wish you could be here for that. Love ya!


Anonymous said...

I should be going to bed! Or educating myself! But Kate, I totally agree about the farmer's market, the first time I went their I was like a two year old, I wanted EVERYTHING, funky fruits, weird fish (you can even get them whole and filet/skin them? Reason why I will never do that, I don't know which it is!), cheese from ANYWHERE, and you have to always try something new, according to Kate.