Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a baby's language

A while ago this was going around the Internet and I mentally filed it away as a resource I wanted to pull out when I have an infant again.  One month to go!

To sum up, there is a woman who has genius in hearing - she has a phonographic memory and is a musical prodigy.  As a new mom, she discovered similarities of sounds for when babies had different needs.  Priscilla Dunstan has been on Oprah and other TV shows sharing this, and you can watch it here. (This is the longest youtube clip with all the background; there are shorter ones if you prefer, or just focus on minutes 2:15 to 9:00 for the basics).

I think this is amazing!  You can learn more on the company website and buy training videos.  She says on her website 9 out of 10 moms find it helpful.

I just think it would be life changing to know easily if my baby is hungry or tired or uncomfortable...  So I made this graphic to remind me what the sounds are.  You've got to watch the part of the video to really hear the sounds and know what to listen for, but I'm hoping this "cheat sheet" will help as I practice with my own little one. I will let you know if I have success with this!

I have a PDF of this sheet that I'd gladly share, but I'm not sure how to share via my blog. I guess if you'd like it, send me a comment with an email address. 


Carol said...

Just saw this post from January -- has it been helpful with little Mikayla?

kate said...

I was just thinking about writing an update on it! Yes, but not all of the 5 words. But for the two that I really hear (EH & EAIR), it's SUPER helpful!