Tuesday, October 02, 2012

homemade deoderant

I remember my mom telling me a long time ago that antiperspirant isn't so good for you.  Sweating is natural: don't stop it.  Deodorant is good: it's nice not to smell bad.

But somehow I learned only very recently that antiperspirant which contains aluminum is bad for us.  According to this website (which is old - 2008) the results aren't conclusive, but the ingredient aluminum, which blocks your sweat glands is probably bad for us.  It is not proven, but linked to cancer.

I learned this one night a few weeks ago from my little sister.  I had antiperspirant in the bathroom (I normally wouldn't buy it, but I had a free sample, or someone gave it to me.) and I promptly threw it out (against her good judgement - her words: "good idea. except it's good to have something to replace it with.").   So I needed an immediate solution, and found one online I've been using happily for the last month or so.  I used this blog, which I love, to look for a recipe (but we learned that no, it doesn't eliminate the yellow armpit stains).

The recipe is equal parts (I use 1 Tbs each) of coconut oil (warm in microwave) + baking soda + corn starch.  The coconut oil is just a conduit for the active ingredient: baking soda, which eliminates odors. The corn starch probably helps absorb moisture.  You can add an essential oil if you like.

I made it in a little baby food jar, and I scoop it out.  Not my favorite activity, but I'm still happy with my homemade deodorant.  So, I'm buying a case of 10 empty deodorant sticks here.  It's nearly $1/each this way. If you want one, let me know!

My daughter is one today. 

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