Wednesday, September 19, 2012

in which I got a deal, but not the deal I thought I was getting...

Still chuckling to myself.

I went into a small electronics store to buy a micro SD card.  The man spoke no English, so I tried to say in a Czech accent "micro sd", and he pointed out the glass case with various sizes.  I looked at the smallest 2gb one, and saw 1200kc on it.  I said, in English, "1200KC?!"  (60+ bucks).  He said "yes."  I attempted to say in poor Czech: "In America, they are 5 dollars - 100 kc."  He said a lot of things, and I said I didn't understand.  And then he said to me, "for you, 100kc."  I said, "Really?"  I couldn't understand how he could sell it to me for so much less than what he wanted, but I took it.  I handed him two 50kc pieces that each weigh 15 times what I was buying, and took the sd card.  

Upon closer inspection I saw what I could not see clearly through the glass: it was 120kc.  And the 'kc' was smudged so I thought it was a 0.  

What a nincompoop I am. 

These sorts of things happen regularly when you live in a foreign country.  

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Courtney said...

i mean, you still got it cheaper, right?! good work!