Saturday, December 03, 2011

Our daughter

Julie Anna
A series of photos showing her growing...

with Daddy in the hospital, Oct 4

1 week old 
First bath at home, Oct 7

2 weeks old
With Grandpa, Oct 17

 3 weeks old 
Laying on Daddy's chest, Oct 23

4 weeks old
Enjoying one of her first smiles, Nov 1

5 weeks old
One of her last baths in the sink, Nov 7 

6 weeks old
Nov 14

7 weeks old 
Chilling on a quilt, Nov 20
 8 weeks old
napping & showing her eyelashes which have grown tremendously since birth, Nov 28
She'll be 9 weeks tomorrow.  And I'm sure there'll be many more photos to come.

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Jim and Julianna said...

VERY very cute!! Love that alert look.(Mommy's eyes? Something about her makes me think of you...)