Saturday, July 09, 2011

entering the third trimester

This is Week 28, marking the start of the third trimester. In less than 10 weeks, our little girl would be considered "on time," but I'm trying to mentally prepare for more like 12-13 more weeks.

So far, my pregnancy has been "by the book" and just about everything that most women experience, I've been experiencing. Weird dreams. Leg cramps. Restless leg syndrome, mildly. Don't like picking things off the floor. Don't like standing up from the floor. And I believe I have also entered the less-energy phase again. I don't feel that good in the evenings, when I'm full from dinner and all my organs seem to be squashed.

But I love feeling her move around, and my favorite is getting to feel a part of her when I poke on my belly. I'm not so sure I can distinguish between head and rear, but still it's thrilling to be feeling something that is her. Sometimes a leg or arm goes slipping by my hand, or I can watch it slide with a bump across my belly. Garrett says it feels slimy. Weird, but it kind of does.

In about a week we'll have our last ultrasound, and hopefully there will be confirmation that she is, in fact, a she. Or I shall have some un-doing to do in my mental preparation.

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