Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This morning I had a cup of coffee, my first in over 20 weeks.

At about week 7 or so, I started getting morning sickness, and coffee was no longer interesting to me. In addition, I understood that I should cut back my caffeine intake, so I started having a cup of tea. I've been very happy with this cup of tea for months.

During morning sickness, I had several aversions. Some foods made me feel a bit queasy to smell or think about. Others, I just wasn't interested in, and coffee was one of them.

I remember my sister Ruth having a cup of tea in the morning when she was pregnant, saying she didn't drink coffee anymore, and I thought I could never do that. But somehow, I've found I'm much more content giving something up for the good of my baby than I used to think I would be.

For the past month or so, the smell of coffee has been more intriguing. And this morning, I woke up, and decided it was what I wanted. I'm having half-n-half caf, so it's about the same amount as a cup of tea. So, I don't feel bad about it, and I'm glad to be enjoying coffee again.

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Jim and Julianna said...

Hope you can keep on enjoying that coffee. :-) I had the exact same experience in pregnancy - coffee was the 1st thing to go, beloved though it was. (I couldn't even open the cupboard it was stored in b/c I got so nauseous.) Then at about 30 weeks I got back into it. Ahh.