Sunday, November 07, 2010


Interestingly enough, he hails from New Jersey, but his roots come from Massachusetts. Also, his wife was born on the 21st of July.

Too bad he spelled his name wrong.

Anyone know the name of his president off the top of their head?

  • Garrett Augustus Morgan, however, did spell it properly. He invented the traffic signal, the gas mask, and hair straighteners.

  • Garrett P.I. is a series of novels about a man name Garrett, who was a P.I., believe it or not.
  • Garrett is also a machine that was used in the middle ages to hurl large spears. And now Garrett means brave with a spear. Also, a garret is an attic.

  • Garrett is the name of my husband, and his five-year-old nephew. It's a good name. I don't think I ever heard of it before I met him.

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Carol said...

I was trying to see if you knew how to post pictures side by side on your blog, so I was scrolling through old posts and came upon this one. Cool!
The last day I spent in America this year, I was in the Wheaton library and there was this woman who was tutoring some students in reading and comprehension. I overheard lots. One of the passages was about the Garrett who invented two very important things -- the gas masks and the stop light. I wonder why the article she was having the kids read didn't say anything about hair straighteners. Hmm.