Wednesday, November 03, 2010

acadia np

[Here's an unfinished post that I'll finish, just because I'd like to finish things I start, even if it was 2 years ago since I wrote it, and over 3 since I went.]

It's been over a year since I left Acadia National Park, but I'll try to remember some stories to attach to pictures of the beautiful place.

I really enjoyed my time there, especially our first day when we took a long and grueling bike ride.

We arrived late late at night at the park and did not have a reservation for camping. I don't think I realized what a potential problem this might be (peak season for the park and all that) but it's just as well we didn't worry, for God worked it all out so beautifully. We pulled in to the campsite just before the ranger left duty which was also just in time to get the unclaimed campsites for the night. So we had a place to sleep that night after a word from the ranger that we'd have to line up before 8am tomorrow to see if we could reserve the place again for the next night (but he was NOT going to make any promises, as he reiterated loudly multiple times).

Whatever, there was no problem getting the site either the next night or the next, and we had a wonderful two full days in Acadia.

Day 1:

We took a spectacular bike ride through the park. We biked more miles than I ever had at once, and there were a lot of hills. We biked down to the coast, and then up to a beautiful garden, and then up to a high viewpoint of the water. We were entirely wiped out the rest of the day, and the following one too.

Day 2:

We were still quite worn out from yesterday's travels. We took at hike along the shore. As I recall, I enjoyed hopping the shore rocks more than Courtney. I had no idea how much she didn't like it until the next day.

That afternoon we drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain and took in the view. We saw a sometimes island down in the distance and rushed down so we could walk to it before the tide took it away. I've wanted to go to a sometimes island since I was a kid and read that book. Do you remember it, Mother?

For tea time, we went to Jackson Pond where there was a tea house. Then we climbed up Bubble Rock which had both cool views and neat rocks. A seagull amused us.

Day 3:

Actually, at this point, three years later, I can't remember the day breaks. But for effect...
Just before leaving we drove out to the southern part of the island to see a light house.

This is where I learned that Courtney REALLY doesn't like rocks. I don't know how I missed this in our travels out west.

We get to the light house, but our view from up top is rather lame. I want to see the building against the rough coast. There are some rocks off the land from where I think we could have a nice picnic. I scamper down. Courtney is not willing. She makes it close, but won't make the final leap onto my rock. I am mean: I'm carrying the sandwiches. I hope this will coax her over.

It doesn't. It only means that we are creating an amusing spectacle for all the old folk behind us. They see me cajoling her. They see her refusing to take the last step to my rock with the ultimate view. And they are actually chuckling.

You can see by the last photo that I did hand her a sandwich, and she is smiling, so she'd forgiven me for pushing her and attention I had brought on us.

I thought Maine was beautiful.


Kate's mother said...

I imagine you remember the trip three years ago better than the time we spent in Acadia NP when you were six, but your photos reminded me of that time. And I do remember the book about the Sometimes Island. How did you know the island you spied from Mt. Desert was a sometimes island? I'm glad you and Courtney are still friends.

kate said...

I think we read about it in the guidebook. And then we could see the landbridge that would soon be covered, so we got in our car and hurried down there.

Carol said...

I love that book! I was telling my friend Sarah about it just yesterday.

Also, the word verification thingie was "antiole" which made me think of Anatole, another childhood favorite.

Courtney said...

I'm glad we're still friends too. And now I just laugh about that. It really was a bit ridiculous of me. :)

I also remember walking along the rocks, following the ranger who was leading a tour in French and talking to her group about The Little Prince.