Sunday, March 14, 2010

baby shower

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my sister, Elizabeth. She's 9 months pregnant + counting. It was a fun time. We had a group of ladies talking around pink & blue cupcakes, fruit and cookies. We discussed baby names, and how you guess if it's a boy or girl, and had all those shower conversations. And I asked Elizabeth to share some funny quotes from her pregnancy. I was going to say "funny things your children have said about this baby," but it's more accurately a list of "funny things Mark has said." (Mark, her youngest, is four.)
  • When Mark first learned that Elizabeth was going to have a baby, he sat and thought hard, and then asked, "Will the baby be human?"
  • Elizabeth took Mark with her to the hospital when she went to register. They were filling out paperwork, and Mark asked for another copy. He asked, "Mommy, if we give them two papers will they give us two babies?"
  • After explaining to Mark the different ways people deliver babies, Mark said, "If I ever have a baby, I will have it in the normal way. I will sit on the toilet, and then pick the baby out of the toilet."
  • Apparently Mark has reminded Elizabeth multiple times throughout her pregnancy that she will need to take her pants off when the baby comes so that they baby won't get stuck....
Man, I want to be there to hear what he says when the baby comes.

It's pretty special getting to be here for all of this. I've got (will have) 8 nieces & nephews, but this is first time I've been living near a pregnant sister and will be near when the baby comes.
Anna, my 7 year-old-niece came to the shower too.

I played for Elizabeth my favorite "baby" song. I think it's so sweet. It's called "Welcome" by Lori Chaffer on her album 1beginning. With a little bit of research I learned that she wrote it for her friend's baby boy, but there after she had a baby boy herself.
Welcome to this dusty land
Where you will cry lots but we'll all understand
Things may not turn out sometimes like you plan
That's all right our little man

Welcome outside of your mother's womb
I know that it's frightening
But now there's more room
Just think of all the great things you'll do
Just by you being you

I don't care what the world
Says about all this struggling
All I know is that now you're here
It's all lovely lovely

I don't care about
All the things that have troubled me
Now that you're here I remember life
Can be so lovely

Welcome to us, oh our little song
You're one part your daddy
One part your mom
They're gonna help you grow up to be strong
But for now little guy
Sleep on

We're very excited to great this new little one into the world.

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