Wednesday, September 23, 2009

with Caren and Drew

We crammed Drew and Caren and their big backpacks into the Polak Renault, and headed for Česky Krumlov. We walked around the town, photographed the bears at the castle, and ate dinner.

Then we drove home. The next two days we showed them our city. On Day One we walked from our apartment through New Town, Old Town, and Charles Bridge.
Then we met Elizabeth and Mark and Anna and rode up the funicular and walked to the castle.
Along the way, Dietrich (seen above with Garrett) was photographed extensively. He likes to fly through the air so he can be in a photo of a tourist site. And then we all have to look at the picture.
[This has to be the greatest picture of all time. Yes. You should click on it to blow it up to full size for optimal enjoyment.]
Anna really got into the bear-in-the-picture idea. She got kind of excited.
Caren and Garrett smile while Drew helps Anna get Dietrich into a tree for a photograph.
Mark looks for the roof of our apartment in the distance:
Near the castle we came across the filming of a music video...or perhaps something for Bollywood.
We sat on the steps outside the Cathedral for a moment of rest.

On Day Two we visited the Jewish Quarter, and then met the Polaks at Vysehrad where we joined Milan at a beer garden where he was meeting some co-workers. We left in time to see Golden Lane when it was free, but still light out.

On the walk back we had the clearest views of Prague I've ever enjoyed.

Our visit was also interspersed with good meals (at Mani, our Indian restuarant, Club Arkitektura, and the Parker-House kitchen) and games of Settlers. Good times.
Here we are awaiting our meal at our favorite restaurant, Club Arkitektura.
And we hope Drew and Caren decide it's a good idea to move here next year. =)

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