Sunday, September 20, 2009

mark's antics

My sister Elizabeth is having another baby! This will be her fourth. We're all pretty excited. Mark, aged 4, is most funny about it all. I believe his comments should be preserved for posterity. and for you all to read and enjoy right now.
  • Elizabeth was at the hospital, registering to have a baby and filling out forms. Mark watched her fill it out, and then asked if he could have another form. Elizabeth gave him one, and then he asked, "Mommy, if we give the hospital two forms, will they give us two babies?"
  • Another time he asked, "Will the baby be human?"
  • Elizabeth was explaining to Anna that if there were any problems, the doctors could cut her open and take the baby out, and so there is little risk of death in childbirth. Anna asked, "But you want to do it the natural way, right?" and said, "If I have a baby, I want to have it the natural way." Mark said, "If I have a baby, I will just go to the bathroom, and then pull the baby out of the toilet."
  • Apparently recently he's been reminding Elizabeth that she'll need to take off her pants when it's time for the baby to be born.
ahh, he's hysterical. has us all in fits all the time. how can someone be so funny?


CP said...

oh yes, he is funny! like when he tells knock knock jokes. i wish my brain still thought like a 4 year old's!

Amy said...

i love kid comments!... maybe i should go to prague so he can make me laugh about my baby!