Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This year Garrett and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner! We didn't do all of it, but we did more than I have ever attempted myself. Garrett made the meat: ham and chicken. Turkey is hard to find here, and neither of us care much about it. I made sweet potatoes and peas and gravy, plus pies. And we got drinks, scrounged up plates and utensils and cups for all.

We hosted the Polaks over at my apartment. My roommate Sheila joined us, and so did Karina, my language partner. Here are Daniel and Anna with Sheila and Karina. Sheila pitched in too, getting last minute groceries, cooking and getting our apartment ready. Here's a photo of Sheila reading to Anna.
Here's Daniel with Karina.
Elizabeth made the mashed potatoes, a corn dish, and a pumpkin pie. She also brought serving utensils and dessert plates. After cooking at Euclid where between three roommates we had hosting supplies coming out of our ears, I was totally unprepared to realize we barely have enough plates for a party of 10.But we had a fabulous meal. Mark ate a lot.

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Courtney said...

Mark has the best food baby I've ever seen.

Preheated yet? ;)