Friday, October 03, 2008

in Prague

Going out for dinner to an American restaurant. How funny is that? It's owned by one of my student's parents. They just opened it. It's supposed to be some of the best "American food" in town. I'll tell you what American food is after I eat there.

I'm really here. Those are my feet, in the center of Prague.

I've been here over three weeks now. But I feel like only now I'm seeing things and taking it in. The first week was so foggy between being overwhelmed at everything, trying to start work, and recovering from jet lag. Then after a few days of feeling great, the allergies consumed me.

Ulg. My roommates got introduced the the freezer-of-pillows and dust warrior sooner than I might have liked. Maybe they think I'm crazy.... But really, I did go crazy freezing every article of bedding. And then when that didn't work, my sweaters. And then I had to get the comforter to the cleaners. Then a cold took over, and I was really sick...too sick to keep putting textiles in the freezer. But finally this week I've been getting better every day, and it is so good to look around and SEE things, and not just feel foggy.

My first weekend here I went on that canoe trip I aluded to earlier. Sorry I haven't written about it yet...maybe later. My third weekend was spent in bed with a bad cold, watching movies. My second weekend I actually made it to the Old Town Square and across the Charles Bridge.

I have photos for you.

Downtown isn't so far away - maybe 2+ miles as the pigeon flies. (Which there are a lot of here, but usually I don't see them flying.) I can tram or walk down to Namesti Miro, which is a square with a big pretty church and a metro stop.

I popped up two stops later at Mustek, at the bottom of Vaclavske Namesti, which is Wenceslaus's Square, and headed for Old Town Square.

Here's the clock tower, with its astronomical clock. There was a wedding photo shoot going on. Below is the Tyn church, which gives Prague its beautiful skyline (I think, anyway).
Then I wandered through the small streets toward the river, past this....
...and found myself looking at this excellent view.
You can see the Charles Bridge and the castle behind. Here are some photos from the crowded bridge. I'm saving the castle for another day.

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Robyn said...

So cool! I hope you're feeling better. You would be consumed by allergies here too if you were still here. Glad to see you're adventuring out... not that I would have expected anyless! How are classes going?